Company Profile

The company „BULMACH” Ltd is founded in 1997 with private capital.
The production activity of the company is situated in the city of Plovdiv with basic product motor-reducers.
Since 1999 the company is orientated in the production of:
     - automatic blow molding machines for PET bottles with volumes up to 19 /l/ for a different kind of liquids: waters – calm and aerated , punches, juices, carbonated drinks, oil, milk, buttermilk, boza, wine, beer, alcoholic drinks, technical  liquids such as washing-up liquid, shampoo, liquid soap, alcohol, etc.
     - conveyors - belt, plate and pneumatic.
     - non-standart equipment
     - spare parts for machinery and equipment.
Since 2011 „BULMACH” Ltd started production and  of lactometers (dispensers for milk) and refrigerator showcase.
The products of „BULMACH” Ltd are certified according to TŰV and has the mark of conformity СЕ.
      Since June 27, 2008 the company „BULMACH” Ltd is certified according to ISO 9001:2001 № 043/08/SJ.
      Customers of „BULMACH” Ltd are companies from Bulgaria, Cuba, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, Armenia and Russia.

New attractive product

Dispensers for milk

Model BIG M 120
Innovative attractive product that will attract customers into your store. He delivered milk you directly to the consumer.

Easy installation and maintenance. Container of milk - 120 to 200 liters.



Dear Customer,
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